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Life does not always go according to plan. Sometimes we need a professional to ensure that our rights are protected, our assets are preserved, and our goals are pursued. At The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group, our family law attorneys have successfully represented clients for over 40 years. An established and consistently top-rated law firm, we thoroughly understand the divorce and litigation process. We understand what is at stake, your need for discretion and privacy, and the best path to resolution. The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group are your family law attorneys.

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Divorce & Annulment

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Civil Litigation

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Mediation & Arbitration

Full-Service Representation

The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group also serves all of our clients’ civil litigation needs. Known for our top-notch, highly effective written legal product and unmatched oral advocacy, we serve the legal representation needs of our clients throughout Nevada. Our reputation for integrity, the highest ethical standards, and absolute competency are what set us apart.

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Representing Clients Harmed By Negligence

We serve the needs of our clients who have been harmed by the negligence of another, including motor vehicle and boating accidents, assault and battery claims, premises liability, and legal malpractice. At The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group, our clients work with experienced lawyers from the very start to the finish of the case. The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group is one of the very few firms willing to prosecute legal malpractice claims against other attorneys.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Not every case goes to court. Many times arbitration or mediation can be the quickest and most efficient route to a solution. At The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group, we provide arbitration and mediation services for those who wish to try to resolve their matter outside of the courtroom.