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Providing Top-Notch Family Law Services

The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group offers representation in a full range of family law matters, including divorce, annulment, child custody, paternity, premarital and postmarital agreements, termination of parental rights, adoptions, and appeals of family law matters. We have extensive experience in guiding clients through the litigation and appeals processes.

Family law matters can be messy and contentious. Through skilled representation and advocacy, the majority of our cases are settled amicably and favorably for our clients. Because of our skills and experience as pre-eminent trial attorneys, and our reputation for preparedness, our success rate for favorable settlement is over 95 percent.

Protecting All That Matters

The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group has helped hundreds of clients effectively reach their goals. Our services include:

Attain Long-Term Goals

At The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group, we listen to our clients. We protect our client’s legal rights and assets, pursuing the best legal course of action to accomplish our client’s goals. We work with each client to ensure that the legal process is clear, and that the laws and legal nuances are understood by our client, and we advise on the best path forward. We will establish, present, and position our client’s case for the best likelihood of success.

The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group is here to get our clients through difficult situations by focusing on their long-term and best interests. At The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group, our lawyers have been providing superior family law services to Las Vegas and Nevada professionals, celebrities, business owners, and executives for over 40 years.

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