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High-Asset Divorce, Contested Or Uncontested

The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group represents countless individuals each year in successfully resolving and finalizing their contested and uncontested high-asset divorces. Contested divorce cases generally take far longer to finalize than those that are uncontested, but even when uncontested, high-asset divorces are rarely simple. We assist with:

  • Business and professional practice valuation
  • Spousal support arrangement structure
  • Separate property interest tracing
  • Forensic accounting
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Asset tracing

It is important to have a reputable and experienced lawyer by your side during any type of high-asset divorce. The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group has an established success record and a proven reputation for integrity.


An annulment is, in effect, a declaration that a marriage was void and never existed. Such a declaration is often preferable to a divorce on the basis of an individual’s religious beliefs, and can be obtained in cases of fraud, want of understanding, lack of consent, or any ground for declaring a contract void in equity. It may be necessary to address issues of custody and property division as part of the annulment process. At The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group, our attorneys can assist you in determining whether an annulment is right for you, and in ensuring that all of your custody and property interests are adequately protected while pursuing and/or defending against such an action.

The Importance Of Reputation And Experience

Located in the heart of Summerlin, The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group has been assisting clients with their high-asset divorce and annulment cases for more than three (3) decades. During that time, The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group has dealt with virtually every type of issue that can be relevant in such high-asset divorce and annulment cases, including, but not limited to, business valuations, forensic accountings, lifestyle analyses, and asset tracings. In handling such cases year after year, The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group has earned an exceptional reputation in the Nevada legal community for our superior knowledge and preparation, our unparalleled written work, and for obtaining, time and again, successful results for our clients. If you have questions about a potential divorce and/or annulment, contact our office to speak with a qualified and experienced Las Vegas family law attorney.

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